“How healthy is your business?”

Our Business Healthcheck service is designed to identify the health of your business to produce a list of recommended areas where there is opportunity for improvement.

The healthcheck can help with…

  • Producing a valuation of your business;

  • Reviewing the management information systems and reports used;

  • Goal setting and how you measure where you are against those goals;

  • Identifying the blocks that are stopping you from getting where you want to be;

  • Bench-marking against other businesses in your industry – do you know how you compare to the best and the average in your industry;

  • Helping you with working ON your business as opposed to IN it;

  • Development of key performance indicators;

  • Review of marketing strategy, USP’s, customer service levels to assist with business growth

  • Pricing strategy review;

  • Review of systems to identify cash flow needs;

  • Review of systems to develop the potential of your team;

  • Review of disaster recovery planning – death, loss of key personnel, fire, computer failure, etc.

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